Our fearless adventurers were given a great task to save the farmers of Swindmore from undead ghouls.


Upon hearing the troubles of the farmers from the humble barkeep Cherramas in the town of  Yarlford, our adventurers settle in for the night and are visited by their elusive employer Caremita Duskwalker.<meta />

Caremita Duskwalker informs the adventurers that a high socialite by the name of Cruian Silverkin is behind the attacks. He's an accomplished Warlock that's experimenting with the lives of the farmers for an unknown goal.

Once they confirm that Lord Silverkin has holdings within the town of Yarlford the adventurers decide to stage a pre-emptive strike upon his home.

Once the town house in question has been identified, they hatch a cunning plan to smoke him out. Their quarry no where to be found, the adventurers decide to escape into the wilderness. 


The Undead of Swindmore Farms

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